Lonely Mile

Lonely Mile is an athletic apparel and streetwear brand intended for people from all different walks of life. The brand is worn as a sign of resilience in times of difficulty. 

A lot of people have different interpretations of what “Lonely Mile” means and what it means to them. Lonely Mile is not just a graphic and the idea does not correspond with any particular thing. In a way it’s sort of an abstraction for “going the extra mile,” but in reality, it can be applied to nearly anything. Individual efforts that go unrecognized are what Lonely Mile attempts to promote. Whether “Lonely Mile” applies to athletics, academics, or any other obstacle an individual encounters – I believe the difficulties a person endures alone deserve to be recognized. If someone is going through a difficult time and they feel as if they are alone, Lonely Mile is a symbol of perseverance and a reminder to keep moving forward. What’s your Lonely Mile?